Road Trip

Hello Dearies! I guess there is just a handful of people who are reading my blog. But anyway, what more can I expect? I’m just writing what comes out of my mind. Ideas… Ideas.. Where are my ideas.. I was front of my computer staring blankly at the monitor for an hour.. Fortunately, I want to share my experience on driving alone and actually, it was my first time to hit the road with no passenger or THE BACK-SIT-DRIVER  ( I can’t disclose the name of the person here because she can be one of my readers). For the first 10 kilometers, I felt jittery and worried about falingl off the cliff or bumping into another car. It was a 5 hour drive and that is only one-way Trip. But even if I spent much time on the road, it gave me a happy feeling to take these pictures below. Please enjoy.. And forgive my writing skill.. I just choose to take pictures and not to interpret them much because I’m not really good at writing (why did I start this blog anyway? uggghh Moving on).

This picture was taken along the road and I was quite amazed of the pinkness.

It was really a bad idea to watch the musical fountain alone because the people are in pairs or in groups.

Bitterly speaking, why on earth did I choose to watch it without bringing my family or friends?

This is the road that I was talking about. I was really scared but I have to shake it off to arrive my destination. 
This is the road that I was taking about… Uggghhh It is really damn scary!

Another Levitation ( Defying Gravity)

Natsumi Hayashi’s Definition of Levitation

She says that a JUMP, is composed of many movements. And those who goes up must come down. Natsumi Hayashi does not call the photos she posted on Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary “jump shots”.The Levitation photos were suppose to emphasize the natural flow of time, said Ms. Hayashi, who usually shoots with a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or faster.


TO LEVITATE is to dance in the Air in a vacuum of time and space.

Here’s some steps to get the Look

Clothing can move in a way that reveals the fact you are jumping so that is something to keep in mind. Think about tucking in your shirt if it appears too loose. Keeping your hair in place with lots of gel and hairspray can help or simply wear a hat.

Camera (preferably that has a self-timer)
Tripod or something similar


  1. Setup your camera on a tripod, or have an assistant get in position to take the photo.
  2. Set your camera to use a fast shutter speed – fast enough to freeze motion (such as 1/500 or faster).
  3. Set your self-timer to take the photo (if you do not have an assistant).
  4. Jump off the ground or step off an object at the exact moment the camera is about to take a photo.

* It takes a lot of practice to get the perfect shot. So, hang in there and have patience. ^_^*

LET YOUR IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY work and soon you’ll be able to create a masterpiece like Natusumi Hayashi’s Levitation Photos.

Mt. Fuji “Shibazakura” Flower Festival

life to reset

If there is one thing that best represent  Japan’s natural beauty, it has to be the highest mountain- Mt. Fuji.   The 3,766m symmetrical cone shaped mountain has inspired poet and artist for decades, where it was often depicted with the top- half covered in snow.

My first visit to the mountain was last year, during the hiking season where the  picturesque snow-capped was gone.  I was a bit sad to see the mountain on its “ordinary” state, so I promised to myself that on one fine day, I shall return to Yamanashi prefecture, to see the mountain on all its glory.

To view the mountain requires exceptional timing and preferably “sunny, clear” weather condition. So, I was checking out the weather forecast almost everyday, as I don’t want to waste a 3 hours commute to the unpredictable spring season.

Last Sunday was just the right day that I was waiting…

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The Beauty of Levitation

I came across with this picture over the internet a few days ago and I was pretty amazed of its beauty and style. It was taken by the famous Japanese Teen photographer named Natsumi Hayashi. She became sensational not only in Japan but worldwide last year with her self photographed masterpiece. Her secret weapon for achieving the look? She is always equipped with her Canon EOS 5D Mark II ( FYI: It is was of the most expensive DSLR cameras in the market last year) and very good at controlling her bodily movements along with her facial expressions while jumping up in the air. A huge round of applause for Natsumi-san. ^_^



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