The Good Things of Travelling in a Cheap yet rewarding way! (Philippine Edition)

Hello there dear readers! It was a sunny day here in the Philippines and the weather started to be cooler compared from the previous months we had.

I have visited some famous tourist spots and I can say that it was fun because you can meet people from different walks of life. Their thoughts may enlighten you on how you deal with your life and eventually they can make you understand other cultures as well.

I am deeply in love with a Man named (Y.I) let’s just name him Yoshi.I. and he is now miles away from me. We have been together for almost a year now and I can say that meeting him was one of the happiest moments in my life. We have traveled together and seen things that are a little bit different from his culture. I hope that travelling together will make us understand the world and our thoughts.

Okay! Going back to the topic, travelling might be a little troublesome for some people because they have a lot of things to consider like budget, accommodation, weather and time. Travelling should not be expensive but rather affordable and simple.

You don’t need a high-class hotel if you are a frequent traveler  because you will be just staying for just a limited period of time. You are there in that place to see the beauty of nature and also the beauty of the local people.

Here are some useful Applications/websites when you will be travelling here in the Philippines.

Which I can recommend.


Why I like this website is that they provide discount prices for hotels all over the Philippines. If you are from the Philippines and you don’t have a credit card, you can pay it via over-the-counter payment through supported department stores and payment centers. All you need to do is to navigate the website.

2. Safe and Honest Transportation in Manila ( Grabataxi)

One of the things that makes tourists worry in the Philippines is safety especially for taxi cabs. Well, say hi to Grabtaxi one of the most reliable Taxi Applications.
This Taxi application is just like Uber but I haven’t used Uber so I have no idea which is better. But this Taxi Application is by far the safest one that I know. Here is the website ( or you can also download the application from Google Play and App Store.

You can also try riding with Doroteo Ohavo Jr. The most honest Taxi Driver in Manila. He usually roams around the night in the Quezon City area and I used to be one of his regulars especially when I had my duties in the Hospital. You can be assured that you are in good hands with this guy. You can also read all about him from this website ( Just text the numbers in the Pamphlet.
Here is his Pamphlet.

3. Cheap Restaurants around Manila
All you need is to have an access through the internet to navigate different restaurants in Manila or in the Philippines you can just check those here in these websites.


Foozap (

That’s it for now dear readers! I will be making the Part 2 of this page on the coming days. ^_^



Road Trip

Hello Dearies! I guess there is just a handful of people who are reading my blog. But anyway, what more can I expect? I’m just writing what comes out of my mind. Ideas… Ideas.. Where are my ideas.. I was front of my computer staring blankly at the monitor for an hour.. Fortunately, I want to share my experience on driving alone and actually, it was my first time to hit the road with no passenger or THE BACK-SIT-DRIVER  ( I can’t disclose the name of the person here because she can be one of my readers). For the first 10 kilometers, I felt jittery and worried about falingl off the cliff or bumping into another car. It was a 5 hour drive and that is only one-way Trip. But even if I spent much time on the road, it gave me a happy feeling to take these pictures below. Please enjoy.. And forgive my writing skill.. I just choose to take pictures and not to interpret them much because I’m not really good at writing (why did I start this blog anyway? uggghh Moving on).

This picture was taken along the road and I was quite amazed of the pinkness.

It was really a bad idea to watch the musical fountain alone because the people are in pairs or in groups.

Bitterly speaking, why on earth did I choose to watch it without bringing my family or friends?

This is the road that I was talking about. I was really scared but I have to shake it off to arrive my destination. 
This is the road that I was taking about… Uggghhh It is really damn scary!