Dear Patient

I want to reblog this beautiful post. Being a daughter of a doctor is tough but at a young age I wasn’t aware that my mom resists all the pain just for her patients..

I respect Doctors and Now that I am a nurse, I can work hand in hand with doctors.

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Sailor Moon hair bands, scrunchies will keep your hair back while you wash off your MAKE UP!

I want thisssssssssssssssssssssssss


SB 1

Today, we’ve got news about a newly unveiled anime-themed “Bath Time Collection.” And while things can usually get pervy in a hurry when you combine the words “anime” and “bath,” we’re not talking about an inflatable waifu cushion to take in the tub or a waterproof anime boy toy poster to hang in your shower.

That’s because this is Sailor Moon we’re talking about, and Japan’s most successful magical girl is keeping things as classy as she always does with this new line of scrunchies, hair bands, and hair clips.

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