91 Truths about LOVE

1) love is when you get each other.

2) Keep the lessons and love of the past let the rest go

3) The path of love transforms us.

4) Learn to love what you have rather than have what you love

5) In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities— James Arany

6) God tells us to love one another because he knows it’s joy

7) I cannot withhold my love anymore than the sun can withhold it’s light

8) Foul play is fair in love and war

9) Love, pain, and money cannot be kept secret; they soon betray themselves. Spanish Proverb

10) How strange that justice and love are both blind

11) Never love with all your heart, it only ends in breaking.
English Proverb

12) Love is but one ingredient in the making of a relationship

13) Love makes good mortar, but poor brick

14) A relationship cannot stand on the mortar of love alone

15) Love is doing for another what another wants done for them

16) The world would be better if it focused on having love and making sex

17) You can take love with you

18) Love is the most vestal word in the dictionary

19) Love bought with money can be repurchased with more money

20) A mistress is the validation that sex often wins over love

21) Many a sexual encounter occurs in the name of love

22) Both sex and love run hot and cold, when you have both you improve your chances of being warm

23) When I love something I take care of it — Heather Carle Agid

24) When we love someone we take care of them

25) Love delights the senses

26) Love blinders blackout all others

27) Love see’s beyond the physical

28) One does not lose love, but rather love loses them

29) Love gets lost when one ceases to watch over it

30) To keep love from getting lost one must continue to clear away the path

31) The first symptom of love in a young man is shyness; the first symptom in a woman, its boldness.”

32) “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing

33) You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.”

34) The language of love is often silent

35) We are indeed all brothers and sisters, and like brothers and sisters there are degrees of love and hate

36) Love others as you would love your animals

37) Be that love is blind, one must listen for love rather than looking for love

38) One would do better listening for love

39) Love touches the untouchable

40) Love answers to no one and speaks louder than words

41) Love lights the flame and warms the heart

42) More battles have been won with love than with the sword

43) Love conquers death

44) Love- the strongest force on earth

45) Space and time do not exist for lovers

46) Love has a frequency that often only the loved one can hear and a vibration that only the loved one can feel

47) Love listens intently, speaks kindly, sees uniquely and touches deeply

48) If you can go all the way to love go half way and be their friend

49) New love is blind, and real love comes when the blinders are removed from the new love and one still love what one sees

50) If does not exist with unconditional love

51) Love is knowing when to hold on and when to let go

52) The joy of friendless is exceeded only by the joy of love

53) Total and complete love lives in one’s heart soul and mind

54) Real love defies all it’s definitions and comparisons

55) The best lover a man can have is his wife

56) Do not allow the weeds of discontent to choke out love

57) Love touches all senses

58) The best way to keep your heart from being stolen is by giving the key to your heart to your loved one to protect

59) Tough love when you do not let your need for being loved keep you from doing what is right

60) Love is when two heart beat for each other

61) Love is when a heart makes another heart sing

62) You know it’s love when your heart tells you so

63) Love loves love

64) A man guided by love is never lost

65) One must give love to make love

66) For a man making love is the best way a woman can give and for a woman giving love leads to making love

67) Love knows no buts

68) love is but a form of insanity, and it knows no bounds

69) love knows no language barriers

70) when love speaks, the lover listens

71) one act of love is worth more than 1000 words of love

72) the power of love—it warms the heart, brings on smiles, and heals wounds

73) People say love is blind. That is because love sees with the heart and not the eyes

74) love is like an X-ray it sees beneath the surface

75) The love of a good woman is a gift, the love of a good woman who is bad is an even greater gift

76) Love comes to live when you replace the I with o

77) Love happens when I is no longer needed for one to live

78) Love is the greatest of the four letter words

79) The people that are the hardest to love are usually the people that need it the most

80) Love— courage in action

81) Blindness is what makes justice and love work

82) Using love is like using people, and giving love is like giving to people

83) Our culture is loose with using the word love and tight with giving love

84) The most loved thieves are the ones that steal your heart

85) True love when you light each other’s torch

86) The trouble today is that too many people are willing to gamble in love, rather than investing in it

87) The road to heaven is paved with love and service

88) Some people believe love is something to use, rather than something to give

89) If all is fair in love and war then how can we have war crimes

90) Love alone does not conquer all things.

91) Kindness, trust, patience, honor and respect are in the army of love needed to conquer all things


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