A Letter To Rich Men From A Pretty Woman

Thought Catalog

Dear Mr CEO,

It’s been years since you first replied to Miss Pretty, but your article is still circulating on social networks. This attention is warranted, of course: You made an honest analysis of her situation, of wanting a rich man for nothing more than her physical beauty.

You are clearly right that a woman’s beauty will depreciate in proportion to your income increase, should your career trajectory remain uninterrupted. Beauty, as it is currently defined in today’s world, is inextricably tied to youth. This is no secret; it’s why we have a multi-billion dollar advertising industry that insists on dressing up underage girls to look like they’re women. And we all know that metabolism slows down with age. Since skinny is pretty, most women will struggle to remain skinny — and therefore beautiful — as time and nature take their course. So we agree that a woman’s beauty is…

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