The POWER of Awareness

Double Your Presence (Ver 1.6)

Chances are, you have been socializing around for what… Your whole life?

Have you ever stopped to observe and notice how people behave around you?
How they carry and present themselves to everyone?

What about their response towards your behavior?
Whenever you do something, would their reactions be positive or negative?

You’ve probably never actually been conscious nor aware about this being of any importance and hence, you’ve never cared that much about the behavior of others.

I mean, so what if I tell my buddy he looks stupid when he got all dressed up for a date and he got all upset over it?
Sure, he is upset at me for now but we’ll be back sharing stupid stories and ripping on each other’s flaws again after a few days like nothing bad had actually happened.

Not exactly a bad thing since things may still go back to normal BUT, what if…

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