40 Little Ways You Can Tell Someone Doesn’t Love You

Thought Catalog

1. There is innate disinterest when it comes to the meager, silly details about your life.

2. There is a lack of desire to make things better between you two.

3. Petty fights are picked without concern for what they’ll do to your relationship as a whole.

4. They buy you things that you don’t like but they do.

5. They try to change you into someone they want you to be.

6. They talk about the future more than they do the present.

7. They don’t call you regularly, or keep in touch at all.

8. Their parents don’t know about you.

9. They actually say they aren’t so sure.

10. Your interests may overlap, but your future goals clearly don’t.

11. And there seems to be no interest in compromising on those future goals.

12. You hear them say “well, I still want to see what’s out there”…

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