Road Trip

Hello Dearies! I guess there is just a handful of people who are reading my blog. But anyway, what more can I expect? I’m just writing what comes out of my mind. Ideas… Ideas.. Where are my ideas.. I was front of my computer staring blankly at the monitor for an hour.. Fortunately, I want to share my experience on driving alone and actually, it was my first time to hit the road with no passenger or THE BACK-SIT-DRIVER  ( I can’t disclose the name of the person here because she can be one of my readers). For the first 10 kilometers, I felt jittery and worried about falingl off the cliff or bumping into another car. It was a 5 hour drive and that is only one-way Trip. But even if I spent much time on the road, it gave me a happy feeling to take these pictures below. Please enjoy.. And forgive my writing skill.. I just choose to take pictures and not to interpret them much because I’m not really good at writing (why did I start this blog anyway? uggghh Moving on).

This picture was taken along the road and I was quite amazed of the pinkness.

It was really a bad idea to watch the musical fountain alone because the people are in pairs or in groups.

Bitterly speaking, why on earth did I choose to watch it without bringing my family or friends?

This is the road that I was talking about. I was really scared but I have to shake it off to arrive my destination. 
This is the road that I was taking about… Uggghhh It is really damn scary!

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