Panda Girls



So I walk through the ticket gates, and there in front of me is a girl standing in front of a local map getting directions.

Like most girls in Japan, she’s slim and pretty.

Like most girls in Japan, she has a distinct sense of fashion.

But something’s strange – she has the head of a bloody panda!



She clearly likes animals…hanging from her bag: not only more bears but a variety of creatures including worms, snakes and a chicken’s head.


There was a weird trend going on here last winter of bear-headed girls.

Not only did one see pandas everywhere around Tokyo, but also other types of bear – like this polar bear-headed girl at Shinjuku.


Now I’m all for expressing oneself through fashion, and we all know pandas are popular in Japan (see here and here), but this I simply can’t fathom.

What is going on?

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