My New Humble Abode..

At last the long wait is over! My new haven is finally up *cheers*.I have realized that Facebook was not the proper place for me to air my feelings and crazy ideas due to the long list of people who knows me personally. In fact, when you will post something crazy on your status it updates on their system faster than the speed of light and appears on your whole social connection like a news flash.Before you know it, you’ll be receiving a call from your parents urging you to come up with a pretty good explanation before pressing the “accept call” button.

Anyway I’m really aware of the thing that we call “netiquette”, so I won’t be sharing very crazy ideas here.I will just start drafting my ideas and publish it soon.
*Because of the Fact that I am not a native speaker or writer of the English Language it will take sometime for my articles to get published.You know what I mean. If you don’t,just read my description on the homepage.Thankies. xoxo 


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